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Our Approach

Experience as an elected official and as a municipal liaison to multiple government entities allows for a realistic view of the budget constraints local towns and villages work under. We understand that local governments don’t have taxpayer money to waste.

Our reasonably priced and custom tailored municipal consulting services will assist your community in obtaining low interest loans and grants for infrastructure improvements; providing tax savings to your residents. Our feasibility studies, surveys, and pre-employment screenings will allow greater efficiencies in your daily operations and strategic planning.

We understand the critical importance of municipal funding in order to achieve sustainable community growth. We also understand the complex, difficult task of securing that funding.

Our team is managed by the wide-ranging expertise of leadership with first-hand legislative and civic service experience. As a result, we understand the reality of municipal budget constraints and the need for funding assistance to achieve long-term growth.

Our custom-tailored services can help access your needs, determine feasibility, and assist you in securing grant funding as well as low-interest loans. We are here to help. Feel free to inquire about our wide range of competitively-priced services.

Over 10 Years of Municipal Government Experience

G&G Municipal Consulting and Grant Writing has been serving the legal and municipal community since 1991. We specialize in household income and demographic surveys for municipalities among other consultant services. Municipal references can be provided upon request.

G&G Municipal Consulting and Grant Writing has been serving the legal and municipal community since 2008. We specialize in household income and demographic surveys and a range of grant writing services focused on improving municipalities. Our services have helped generate municipal funding amounts totaling approximately 100 million and helped municipalities secure approximately 200 million in low-interest and 0% interest financing.

Firefighter Cancer Support Network

Together we can make a difference

The mission of the Firefighter Cancer Support Network (FCSN) is to help fire/EMS members and their families cope with cancer and to provide occupational-cancer awareness and prevention training nationwide. G&G Municipal Consulting and Grant Writing is proud to support this worthy cause. Visit the FCSN website to learn more or donate.

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